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Faith: Science’s Undiscovered Element

by Tom Andel

In Sunday’s account of Jesus’ transfiguration (Mk 9:2-10), his disciples witness long-dead prophets conversing with their soon-to-be-dead master. After this vision, the Master instructs them not to tell anyone about this until he rises from the dead. The reading ends with these disciples discussing what rising from the dead means. Ever since that rising, faith […]

Lent: Where the Wild Things Are

by Tom Andel

The web-spun unrest that caught politicians in a wild debate about the threat of hate speech to our democratic republic inspired one congressman to announce his official boycott of social media. This representative announced last month via the Wall Street Journal that he was leaving all social media forums. “I haven’t decided whether this will […]

Resurrected from the Grave of Our Skin

by Tom Andel

In some ways, Covid 19 is the 21st century’s version of first-century leprosy. People with Covid may feel like lepers of old because they’re forced to isolate themselves. Our modern world’s leaders are like Moses in this Sunday’s first mass reading (Lv 13:1-2, 44-46), prescribing actions for their citizens to keep others safe: “As long […]

Just when I thought I was out…

by Tom Andel

The recent announcement of a beloved local priest’s retirement was like a call to action on his parish’s Facebook page. Underneath his photo soon appeared hundreds of posts from people whose lives he touched in some way. All of them recognized his early call to service and thanked him for the sacrifices that came with […]