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Jesus Made the Best of Frenemies

by Tom Andel

Online workplace environments and chat room are the favorite hideouts of frenemies. Columnist Walter Winchell coined that term in the 1950s when referring to the Russians, but if Jesus had spoken English, he might have come up with it first. He was surrounded by frenemies. Some were disciples. A frenemy is a person whose friendship […]

Lost or Just Cloistered in our Wilderness?

by Tom Andel

After the trials and tortures they saw their crucified Master suffer as a result of his public ministry, you can imagine Christ’s disciples yearning for a more cloistered life of solitary prayer. Such a life could have sheltered them from the evil forces Jesus bravely confronted out in the open. Centuries later, Catholic theologian Thomas […]

Ignorance isn’t our dominant family trait

by Tom Andel

One of the last things Jesus said before dying was “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” That “them” might have included his disciples. Maybe that’s why, before his ascension, Jesus came back to have a few more words with them. As a human himself, he knew their weaknesses. And, after all, some […]

Finding Wisdom through Godly Eyes

by Tom Andel

Many of us in this hyper-political world see everything through partisan glasses. Depending on your political philosophy, our society’s greatest faults require either controlling or taxing. Human bureaucracy to the rescue.  From that perspective, people of the early Church (after Jesus’ resurrection) might be seen as Communists for their practices. There was no needy person […]