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Feast on the Peace of God’s Mind

by Tom Andel

(To hear the audio version of this post, please visit When you’re in solitary confinement, sustenance is scarce whether your prison is a 10 x 10 cell or a vast expanse of desert. Or a crowded city block, for that matter. In all cases, the solution is to BE sustenance. Our Jewish brothers and […]

Overhear Your Own Prayer

by Tom Andel

(For the audio version of this blog, visit: A little movie with a limited release had a big impact on me recently. Shepherd: The story of a Jewish Dog, tells the story of Kaleb, a beloved German shepherd taken from his Jewish family as they were rounded up, separated from each other and imprisoned […]

Achieving Herd Immunity to Sheep Anonymity

by Tom Andel

One of the worst things you can call someone in today’s world is a sheep. Today the word connotes someone without an identity who follows a crowd of other like-minded sheep. But 2000 years ago, a man identified his followers as sheep, and himself as their shepherd. And he identified with THEM too. That man […]

Making Our Author Smile

by Tom Andel

The readings for this Sunday’s mass have all the makings of a Charlie Chaplin comedy starring his “Little Tramp.” The basis of comedy is contrast and conflict, and the mission of spreading God’s word is filled with both. This is a heroic mission after all, but God always seems to choose people you’d least expect […]