Here is a great audio clip for anyone but especially for kids and teens. It’s worth the 9 minutes to listen to it.  Marvel comics seems to everywhere I look lately. My kids and I have watched Iron Man, Spider Man, The Avengers, Hulk, Thor, etc. Recently my youngest found an old stash of my “old” comic books in the crawl space. He could hardly contain himself…”Dad, WHAT ARE THESE!???!!!” He spent hours reading through them.  Remember when you could go up to the corner store and buy a comic book for $.??…well depends on how old you are. Guess what? you can’t do that anymore. Seems that you have to find a specialty shop these days. So since my kids can relate as well as many adults that I know, this analogy seems to fit right in. This is only a 9 minute clip from a 3 hr. mission talk given at Fr. John Ricarrdo’s church. The entire mission is great and the links are below. The singing is nice but I fast forwarded those parts to make the talk fit into my morning and evening commutes.

Mission hour 1

Mission hour 2

Mission hour 3