The following quotation is taken from Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscovering Catholicism.

“God arrives in the garden at the time of the afternoon breeze as he did each day. Only on this particular day, Adam and Eve have hidden themselves. God calls out to them, ‘WHERE ARE YOU?’ (Genesis 3:9). He doesn’t ask because he doesn’t know where they are, He asks because he wants them to realize where they are. God wants Adam and Eve to realize the absurdity off trying to hide from him. He wants them to be aware that they have turned their backs on him, gone against his life-giving designs, and rejected his friendship. By calling out to them, ‘WHERE ARE YOU?’ he causes them to realize where they are and where they should be.”

We would also like to ask you “Where are you?”. We are all at different points along the path of life but no matter where you are, God is always there for you. Our fellowship would like to meet you where you are and bring you closer to Him.

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