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Persistent Prayer Breaks our Bonds

by Tom Andel

Why should we pray? That’s a question children ask their parents all the time—and one we often ask ourselves when our faith flags during tough times. But a more important question is “How should we pray?”  The answer to how will help us answer the why. And we get the answer to how from today’s […]

The Difference between Prayer and a Soliloquy

by Tom Andel

There aren’t too many comical passages in the Bible, but two of today’s readings qualify in my book. The first reading from Genesis and the gospel passage from Luke can be pretty funny if you picture what’s going on in them.  In the first reading, Abraham is falling all over himself and his wife Sara […]

Lost in Our Destination

by Tom Andel

The faith of many religious people is strengthened in the realization that their life is a journey toward the Kingdom of God. A journey can include many stops and byways that teach us things along the way. At least one of those byways might include a pilgrimage to a holy shrine. For Muslims it could […]

A Purpose-Driven Life is its Own Reward

by Tom Andel

If your kids sometimes expect to be rewarded for doing what they’re supposed to do, today’s readings are for them. Make sure they pay attention at today’s mass, or bring their attention to these readings afterwards—maybe after dinner, when they ask for something in return for helping with the dishes.  The first reading is a […]