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St. Joseph: No wonder they named an aspirin after him.

by Tom Andel

Much has been written about Mary’s “yes” to God. She delivered to an angelic messenger her acceptance of the role God chose for her. But there was another “yes” that was needed to make Mary’s “yes” count. Today’s readings are a tribute to the “yes” Joseph gave to an angel who filled him in on […]

And all Jesus got was gold, frankincense and myrrh.

by Tom Andel

Any good parent will relate to how God is portrayed in this Sunday’s first reading from Isaiah. He’s the ultimate Dad, telling his child to ask for guidance when he gets into trouble. But does the kid listen? NO! He has to get himself mired in a bog that he can’t step out of. So […]

Don’t Surrender to Fear; Surrender Fear Itself.

by Tom Andel

There aren’t many things scarier than seeing fear in the eyes of our leaders. Franklin Roosevelt knew this, which is why history remembers him best for what he said in his first inaugural address in 1933—at the depth of the U.S. depression: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Roosevelt was acting […]

Felled by Adam, Uplifted by Advent

by Tom Andel

There must be something wrong with me. Why, after reading this Sunday’s gospel passage from Matthew about John the Baptist chastising the Pharisees and Sadducees, did I think of Groucho Marx? I can explain it, but it doesn’t make me any less weird. After John tells these “vipers,” as he calls them, “the one who […]