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Don’t be Taken by Surprise; Be Ready to be Taken.

by Tom Andel

Advent already? We shouldn’t be surprised. The retailers have been reminding us that Xmas is coming since Halloween. But the season of Advent asks if we’re ready for Christ. That’s what this Sunday’s readings remind us. They do that by making us look at humanity’s journey toward Christ, starting in the days of Isaiah. This […]

The Sheep will outrun the Sleek

by Tom Andel

The ISIS terrorists are determined to ride the pale horse of the apocalypse to its finish line—and to trample as many “infidels” as they can along the way. They intend to cross that line as victors, delivering eternal death without succumbing to it themselves. But the “crusaders,” as those infidels are called, are riding under […]

Smile, you’re on Candid Camera

by Tom Andel

“Captain gets 36 years for deserting ship.” That headline in this week’s news stream defined the life of one man in a single snapshot. Snapshots are how human beings judge each other. This captain of a South Korean ferry was given a heavy sentence for not only deserting his ship, but its passengers as well—leaving […]

Hell’s Tenants Watch Judge Judy 24/7

by Tom Andel

If you’ve ever channel surfed in the afternoon, chances are you found an episode of Judge Judy. Chances are also good that the case you landed on involved a landlord vs. a tenant from hell. These cases usually have a common theme: Tenant signs lease, moves in, then gradually breaks every promise made on that […]