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A Church Built on Rock, not a Millstone

by Tom Andel

By the time Pope Francis reads this Sunday’s gospel to a congregation attending his mass in Philadelphia, he will have toured the U.S. Capitol and met Americans of every belief system—all of whom hope his teachings reflect their beliefs. Some will be divorced Catholics hoping for an easier path to a second marriage, others will […]

Finding Innocence in the Face of Guilt

by Tom Andel

The problem with people is our sense of entitlement. The next time you feel deserving of a favor from God, think of the Prodigal Son story. This son, one of two, set off to escape his humdrum life. To fund his desires, he asks for his share of the inheritance from Dad. His father grants […]

Deploy the Miracle Worker within You

by Tom Andel

Our favorite teachers during our formative years were the ones who found ways to surprise or even shock us. Their “teachable moments” could, at least, give one a new perspective on life. At best they could change one’s life. Teachers who can accomplish these things are miracle workers. They use ordinary circumstances to accomplish the […]

Faith Heals Fear, Cures Mortality

by Tom Andel

One of the most common afflictions in nursing homes is deafness. Sometimes the most severely afflicted are not in beds, but at the side of them, usually wearing lab coats and stethoscopes. They’re the healers, responsible for making the inhabitants of those beds—and other patients operating wheelchairs and walkers—a bit more comfortable and less fearful. […]