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Who in God’s name are we?

by Tom Andel

Mankind’s most serious sin is taking the Lord’s name in vain; not so much the GD and JC stuff, but the big I AM. We don’t often appreciate the importance of what saying I AM means. Moses did. Our first reading this Sunday is about his experience with the burning bush. He saw this shrub […]

Transfiguration reveals our true identity

by Tom Andel

On this the second week of Lent, we receive an important reminder to help us stay focused on why this is such an important time in the Church year. Yes, we fast, but this is for renovation, not deprivation. The gospels depicting Christ’s fasting in the desert are not visions of suffering, they are instructions […]

How the Devil did us a favor

by Tom Andel

It’s not often that we benefit from the devil’s actions, but this Sunday’s gospel reading shows him doing us a great favor. Indirectly, by trying to goad Jesus into several acts of selfish pride, we actually learn important lessons in prayer. Jesus’ 40 days in the desert turned into a master class in prayer, and the devil’s […]

Gospel Truth according to Marx

by Tom Andel

After months of exposure to the self-serving hot air rising from some of the people fighting for the U.S. presidency, this Sunday’s mass readings are refreshingly Marxist. Groucho, not Karl. Groucho Marx once resigned his membership from an exclusive Hollywood Club, explaining “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as […]