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Leadership: One size fits none

by Tom Andel

Last week’s inauguration was designed to help Donald Trump accept an oversized hand-me-down mantle of leadership that he’ll have to grow into—just as each of its previous owners did. The ceremonies began with a series of prayers for the success of this undertaking. One of them was taken from the gospel of Matthew (Mt 5:1-12a), […]

What, me, fisher of men?

by Tom Andel

Guys like me who pontificate about matters of faith should pay special attention to this Sunday’s mass readings. Although many of us are guided by the Spirit, we can sometimes take a bit too much pride in occasionally saying something pithy about something important Jesus or the prophets once said. We are often slaves to our […]

Upgrade your state of reunion

by Tom Andel

Judging from the top viral videos, we’re all suckers for reunions—especially those involving military people who have been separated from their families for many months. You can see hours of these moments online—including those involving pets reacting to their returned masters. You can feel the miraculous power of love in all of them. This Sunday’s […]

The King who got into Herod’s head

by Tom Andel

“How many thousand of my poorest subjects are at this hour asleep! O sleep, O gentle sleep, nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee, that thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down and steep my senses in forgetfulness? … Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” Poor King Herod. Rulers of earthly […]