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Confessions of a Church Usher

by Tom Andel

A church usher is like a hotel bellhop—without the tips. You really don’t notice us until you need us—or until we put a basket in front of your face for the parish’s weekly tip. But like a hotel bellhop, church ushers see their environment from a different perspective compared to the clientele. They see the […]

Transforming the souls that surround us

by Tom Andel

Some of our greatest masters of the arts were inscrutable. Their mystery is displayed in their works and by their lives. Such strange manners contributed to our fascination with their art. Salvador Dali, Picasso, Grandma Moses …all had mysterious ways about them that made their art appealing. Some suffered from debilitating infirmities, which they used […]

Health Care forever—in one payment

by Tom Andel

The Catholic Church has designated many saints as “doctors” of the church for their defense of our faith, but Jesus—the founder of this faith–set the standard for healing those whose faith was broken.  The gospels are written by the interns whom Jesus took on his healing rounds. One of them—Matthew—started out as one of the […]

Funny how God’s Found

by Tom Andel

A recent documentary about comedy delivered a sad commentary on humanity. This CNN special, part of its History of Comedy series, introduces us to stand-up comedians—people who tend to crave love and affection. Many of them have been starved of it since childhood. Eventually they stumble on a rich source–by making people laugh. In preparation […]

Will Revelation bring Our Transfiguration?

by Tom Andel

This Sunday, as we celebrate Matthew’s account of the radiant transfiguration of Christ, we should also be aware of the apocalyptic subtext nearby.  A few chapters later, Matthew has Jesus citing the prophet Daniel whose book also happens to provide Sunday’s first reading (Dn 7:9-10, 13-14). Together, Matthew and Daniel let us in on a […]