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Protection from the Enemy Within

by Tom Andel

In this age of security insecurity, the best solution is the oldest: get to know your neighbors. That rule applies double if your neighbor’s house has a monster generator and a bomb shelter stocked with supplies. But even if you do get to know your neighbor, you have to worry about whether that neighbor knows […]

Getting broken pieces to fit perfectly

by Tom Andel

People like to identify themselves using job titles. Our sense of integrity seems tied to our specialties. But for those with faith, our integrity must come from collaborating with each other to make something out of our brokenness. Yes, we’re broken, but we’re also designed to be interlocking pieces in God’s puzzle of a universe. […]

Mining Value from Our Big Dig

by Tom Andel

We can all learn a valuable lesson about intrinsic value from our canine friends. Think about how dogs instinctively retrieve bones they’ve buried. They sense what a bone can mean to their survival—so they’ll not only find it a secret subterranean hiding place, but they’ll remember its location. We humans also tend to bury assets, […]

Wisdom waits for our Inner iGener

by Tom Andel

Welcome to a new generation: iGen’ers, born between 1995 and 2012. This Sunday’s readings are perfect for them—except they probably won’t read or hear them because they won’t be at church—and they certainly won’t see them in the Bible because they don’t own one. Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., studied, and Bishop Robert Barron commented on,  […]

Learning from Monuments to our Hypocrisy

by Tom Andel

Power brokers in politics, sports and entertainment have recently given us plenty of opportunities to click our tongues and preach to our kids about how power corrupts, yet those of us who are parents sometimes fail to recognize how that also applies to the power we hold over those kids.  “Do as I say, not […]