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Mass destruction, singular salvation

by Tom Andel

An episode on Public Television’s NOVA showed what the mass destruction of the dinosaurs must have looked like after a seven-mile-wide asteroid struck the earth 66 million years ago.  Scientists credit nature for this event. Thinking in such broad terms, global destruction is easy to imagine. What seems impossible for scientists to comprehend is the […]

Speaking of Saved People

by Tom Andel

Speech teachers always stress the importance of brevity. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is their prime example that immense wisdom can fit on the back of an envelope. But what really set Lincoln’s speech apart from others is his defense of freedom being humanity’s birthright. Tell people who’ve been enslaved that they deserve a homeland, and they’ll […]

Drunks at a wedding: The First Christians?

by Tom Andel

A sense of humor is one of the unsung gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s the secret to a long marriage and a long life. This gift helped the Jewish people survive and fight persecution throughout history. Some of the 20th century’s greatest humorists and playwrights were raised in the same faith Jesus was. That’s […]

Unlikely Heroes use Surprise as Their Weapon

by Tom Andel

People love unlikely heroes. Our pop culture is full of them, from Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit) to Lt. Columbo (the homicide detective). Their characters were so counter to our heroic archetype that their enemies tended to underestimate them. The Columbo formula was this: genius killer prepares elaborate alibi, murders his target, then waits for someone […]

The Kings and I

by Tom Andel

In the movie version of “The King and I,” The king of Siam (played by Yul Brynner) decides to stage his subjects’ version of the American classic novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” He wants to convince visiting Western diplomats that his is not a country of heathens worthy of conquest. Unknowingly, he also proves that this […]