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The Shadow Knows

by Tom Andel

Edward R. Murrow, the legendary journalist who rose to fame during World War II, is credited for saying, “Anyone who isn’t confused doesn’t really understand the situation.” He also called his era of humanity “an age of confusion.” “Opinions can be picked up cheap in the market place while such commodities as courage and fortitude […]

How an Ever-Growing Church Rises from the Dead

by Tom Andel

As Easter Sunday approaches, many of us yearn for some of the dramatic miracles we read about in the scriptures. Our real problem is we tend to ignore the quiet miracles that happen to us every day—some that we help make happen. The simple act of forgiving someone can change their life miraculously. Jesus’ forgiveness […]

What the Good Thief Gave Us

by Tom Andel

Even the most secular cultures worship idols. We’re passionate about celebrities and celebrity—as well as the accompanying wealth and fame. Most of us idolize from a distance, but if we get close enough for long enough, our idols sometimes lose their appeal. There’s some truth to the saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” It’s a human flaw. […]

Secured Passage beyond Our Horizon

by Tom Andel

New methods and practices designed to save lives can cost them if the people entrusted with those lives stay locked into their old ways. That’s as true today as it was when this Sunday’s Mass readings were written. And as applicable. Case in point: More than 300 lives were lost in two recent crashes of […]