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Captions for the fearing-impaired

by Tom Andel

Photo and cartoon caption contests are a big thing on social media. Businesses use them to generate traffic on their sites and help people remember their brand. The idea is to bring your own unique interpretation to a far-out concept. The Bible is full of far-out imagery generated by the prophets in the Old Testament […]

All Life Stories Deserve Showing & Telling

by Tom Andel

Two months ago to this day was the National March for life. Marching can put bodies to work while preparing minds to study important causes—just as birth itself puts a pregnant body to work preparing a mother to meet and feed the new life she’s bringing into the world. Even when humanity resorts to abortion […]

Learn to Speak God’s Language

by Tom Andel

Testing and quarreling. Those two words describe how many of the participants in our global politics keep busy. They’re also the words used to both name and define the places through which God inspired Moses to drive his people’s exodus out of slavery: Massah and Meribah. The Israelites proved they were slaves to both testing […]

Prayer shouldn’t be a Talk Show

by Tom Andel

Controversial talk radio host Rush Limbaugh recently told his audience of 20 million that he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. He didn’t ask those millions to pray for him, but he did say he found comfort in his faith. How? We’ll get into that as we get into this Sunday’s readings. But first, an […]