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All Saints Aren’t Relics

by Tom Andel

All Saints Day is a good time to meditate on what a saint is. In many cases they’re simple people who were either martyred or persecuted for their fearless dedication to God. I grew up in a time when we thought saints were history. We didn’t realize they lived among us, too. My family and […]

Living Past 25 Requires Centuries of Wisdom

by Tom Andel

The City of Independence, Ohio provides a welcome packet to new residents. Among the services and amenities detailed is a program called “25 & Alive,” designed to help parents get their children through this obstacle course called life until they reach 25. The brochure describes the “science” behind the goal of getting your kid beyond […]

How Jesus Invested Caesar’s Penny

by Tom Andel

If you’ve seen “The Chosen,” the crowd-funded streaming TV series about the life of Christ, you know its creators have taken some liberties with the gospels to make them more accessible to modern (and young) audiences. One liberty is their depiction of Matthew—the tax collector turned disciple of Christ. He’s portrayed as “on the spectrum,” […]

Prayer’s About Grace, Not Luck

by Tom Andel

People suffering with some misfortune are often told “Pray. It really works.” Some might argue this is a bit disrespectful. To God, I mean. Trying to make something work requires calculation and assumes some level of control on our part. “If I do this, something good will happen.” Seems a bit manipulative—like carrying a good […]