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Our Waiting Room isn’t Solitary Confinement

by Tom Andel

As we enter the season of waiting—otherwise known as Advent—it might be helpful to think of those for whom waiting is an intolerable way of life. These are people longing for what our faith tells them should be a constant spiritual presence. Yet, they can’t reach out and touch it with THEIR faith. The result […]

Evil Depends on Doing Nothing

by Tom Andel

If you ever need proof that our sins of omission are as bad as or worse than any sins we commit, look no further than humanity’s reaction to Nazi Germany. History has judged those who let the Holocaust happen as no better than those who ignited it.   One of the best descriptions of such […]

Finding Faith that’s Buried Deep

by Tom Andel

If our lives are investments God makes to maximize the profit we return, we have to believe the wisdom reflected in the Book of Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, supporting the old maxim, “there’s strength in numbers.” Two are better than one: They get a good wage for their toil. If the one falls, the other will help […]

Seek Wisdom to Reflect God’s Light

by Tom Andel

Many believe scientists become atheists as they decode the secrets of the universe. Turns out, the more information they uncover, the closer many of them get to God. Author Melanie Phillips, in her book “The World Turned Upside Down—the Global Battle over God, Truth and Power,” writes that “science was motivated from the start by […]