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The Uprising of an Easter Crop

by Tom Andel

There are dozens of Easter songs about rising and resurrection. All of them have spiritually uplifting messages about Christ’s—and therefore OUR—rising from the dead. One inspirational song about rising is about flood waters. Johnny Cash wrote “How High’s the Water, Momma” about a 1937 Mississippi flood that drove him and his family out of their […]

The Call of God’s Jazz

by Tom Andel

The Passion that we read on Palm Sunday is like a jazz score. Its truth is perceived between the notes and beyond the words. The key moments feature people doing seemingly senseless things in response to God’s call. This kind of “Call and response” is akin to the patterns often found in jazz music, with […]

The Saint in Our Smile

by Tom Andel

Sunday’s gospel reading (Jn 12:20-33) shows Jesus at a crucial time in his ministry, and we’re reading it at a crucial time in our history. Toward the end of his earthly life, Jesus’ message was reaching far beyond its original target audience. John tells us that even Greeks were being inspired to observe Passover. John’s […]

Embrace Your Inner Barney Fife

by Tom Andel

We can learn much from Barney Fife of the old Andy Griffith Show. This hapless deputy who continuously lived in the shadow of his boss, Sheriff Andy Taylor, wore the uniform of a lawman, but not well. He was the show’s comedy relief, and the audience was encouraged to look beneath his uniform and see […]

Curing Our Soul’s Leprosy

by Tom Andel

Throughout history, where you saw leprosy, you were also likely to see God. That’s because God is love, and anyone with enough love to serve the needs of those afflicted with this body-disfiguring disease embodied God’s presence among them. That love was returned, too, as Bishop Fulton Sheen told an audience of Kansas State University […]