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Rising Above Our Animal Brain

by Tom Andel

If we had relied on Moses and the Old Testament prophets and even Jesus’ New Testament disciples to spread the word of God under their own power, not a letter of it would have reached 21st century humans. They started out as mortals, after all, and were thus handicapped by our “what’s in it for […]

Muscular Prayers from Skeleton Crews

by Tom Andel

When I was growing up, my grandparents’ house in North Royalton, Ohio seemed immense—especially for the few souls living there. And, indeed, it was a large house situated on the 12 acres of land it shared with an apple tree orchard, a picnic area and a well-stocked pond. But without the grounding spirit of love […]

A Ministry of Close Shaves

by Tom Andel

Scripture repeatedly depicts the relationship between God and his people as that between a bridegroom and his bride. In such a relationship, the lovers devote their lives to each other, sharing in each other’s joy and grief. It’s the perfect analogy, especially when God takes human form as Christ to make that sharing complete. Through […]

A Mother’s Good Looks

by Tom Andel

On Mother’s Day, Moms finally get to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor. The children bearing that fruit do so as a result of the combined love and discipline Mom taught them—many times, with just a look. Those looks are not only good, they’re scriptural. Think how many times Our Mother Mary showed […]

Love’s a Gift; Life’s a Grant

by Tom Andel

No one seeking power in U.S. government gets far by touting religious beliefs. However, everyone in government puts their hand over their heart while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance—and concludes by saying “one nation under God…” So why would a nation that denies religion any seat of honor at its power table allow “Under God” […]