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Fr. Larry Richards, Affirmation in the Family

This is about 4 minutes long. Please take the time to listen to this clip taken from Fr. Larry Richards audio CD titled “The Family” This is such an important concept for every family to be aware of. It is especially important for fathers. Let us know what you think and post a comment.

Sean Forrest, First Timers


We believe that this video should be watched by every family and with their children. Sean tells a very entertaining story which is sometimes funny and sometimes sad but please stay tuned as there is a powerful message at the end. Take the time to discuss the video with your children afterwards. It is about […]

How To Raise Strong Catholic Families in a Difficult Culture


Greetings, A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to a podcast homily by Fr. John Riccardo. From his podcast site we are pleased to also provide you with audio from his guest speaker Dr. Meg Meeker. The title of her talk is “How to Raise Strong Catholic Families in a Difficult Culture“ In the […]