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  • Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Reading 1 Jer 38:4-6, 8-10 In those days, the princes said to the king:"Jeremiah ought to be put to death;he is demoralizing the soldiers who are left in this city,and all the people, by speaking such things to them;he is not interested in the welfare of our people,but in their ruin." King Zedekiah answered: "He […]

RSS The Catholic Gentleman

  • Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and Being a Holy Man
    In this audio conversation, Sam is joined by the Director of the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Missionary Society, Allan Smith. We discuss who Fulton Sheen was and how his teaching and habits are still creating dynamic ripple effects that transform the lives of innumerable today. Find out how Archbishop Fulton Sheen can help you grow […]
  • 2022 International Gregorian Chant Conference
    Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Msgr. Alberto Turco, Dr. William Mahrt, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Dr. Edward Schaefer, Fr. Chad Ripperger, Fr. Mark Bachmann OSB, Mr. Nicholas Lemme... these are the speakers of the online International Gregorian Chant Conference, Sept 25 - Oct 2, hosted by the Gregorian Chant Academy. The post 2022 International Gregorian Chant Conference appeared […]
  • Masculinity, Perseverance, and Vocation with Fr. Roger Landry
    Today we are joined by a well-known priest and author to men, Fr. Roger Landry. We discuss his call to the priesthood, the abuse scandal in Boston, and how to avoid effeminacy as a man. We often associate effeminacy with men acting like women, but the reality, as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches, it is the vice […]

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  • The God of Grace
    "Grace, in the first and most important sense, is God’s gift of himself to us. Grace is first of all the mystery of God saying: 'here, have Me.'” - Fr. James Brent, O.P.
  • Struggles in the Spiritual Life
    “I Just Can’t Pray” John looked out the window. Streetlamps and windows in neighboring homes lit the darkness of the approaching night. His gaze dropped to the desk before him. There, a few inches before his hand, lay the Bible. Normally at this time, he read from it for ten to fifteen minutes. Tonight, nothing […]
  • There is no “Deserve”
    "In the wake of Evan’s death, the sadness I experience because I didn’t live up to my own expectations as his mom is probably the hardest to let go. It seems I deserve it. But why should I cling to my failures when life and love await?" - Lani Bogart

RSS The Hermeneutic of Continuity

  • Enjoying the Feast of the Holy Trinity
    The weather in London today finally broke into just above 20 degrees centigrade, or just tipping 70 if you are using old money. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. This weekend and last, I have been helping at St Bede’s, Clapham Park. In a most pastorally sensitive […]
  • Blessing of the New Painting of St Bede at Clapham Park
    This morning, the parish priest at Clapham Park, Fr Marcus Holden, blessed a new picture of the parish's patron, Saint Bede, painted by James Tildsley. It is sited over a recently installed side altar near the rear of the Church. The altar itself was acquired from Antique Church Furnishings. The website gives the information that […]
  • Rogationtide and the Prayer of Petition
    Rogationtide is traditionally a time of prayer in preparation for the Ascension; England was one of the earliest countries to spread the custom. In Rome, fasting but not abstinence was observed, a concession to the continuing joy of Easter. Challoner mentions abstinence in the 1775 edition of his Garden of the Soul, but it had […]

RSS Fr Ray Blake’s Blog

  • The Lord’s descent into the underworld
    At Matins/the Office of Readings on Holy Saturday the Church gives us this 'ancient homily', I find it incredibly moving, it is about Holy Saturday, about what Christ did through his Cross in the hiddeness of the tomb.After my mothers death I bought this 17/18th cent Russian icon of itChrist crashes through the world of […]
  • A homily for Good Friday
    "and there they stripped him of his clothes"At the Solemn Liturgy today I was struck by your absence, and yet of the mysterious presence of the whole Church. Today. we who are not poor during this time of pandemic have suddenly discovered how poor we really are, and how fragile we and our world are.We have been […]
  • Cardinal Biffi on the Antichrist
    ",,,,  the Antichrist presents himself as a pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist. He ... seeks the consensus of all the Christian confessions, conceding something to each one.""The crowds follow him, except for tiny groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. Chased by the Antichrist, they tell him, 'You have given us everything except for the one thing […]

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