Again in Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscovering Catholicism the following quotation is refering to the saints.

“They were not afraid to look at themselves as they really were by the light of God’s grace in prayer. They knew that the things of this world are passing, and that when this brief life is over, we will each stand naked in the presence of God. At that moment, money, power, status, possessions, and worldly fame will mean nothing. The only thing that has value in that moment is character – the light within you. Who we become is infinitely more important than what we do or what we have. Or as [St.] Francis once said, ‘Remember, you are what you are in the eyes of God, and nothing else’.”

God calls us all to be saints. Our fellowship wants to help you become the best saint you can be!

A final thought on the saints and our duty to study the saints and to live as they did.

“In every age, there is a small number of men and women who are prepared to turn their backs on popular culture and personal gain to embrace heroically the life Jesus outlines in the Gospels. These people fashion Catholicism into a livestyle, they listen attentively to the voice of God in their lives, and they passionately pursue their personal adventure of salvation. As a result, they capture the attention and fascinate the imaginations of everyone who crosses their path. Paradoxically , the modern world pities these people because it believes they are missing out on something. Never feel sorry for them. These men and women are the happiest people who ever lived. They are the saints….If the Church is to thrive in this modern era, it depends on men and women like these.” (from Matthew Kelly’s bookRediscovering Catholicism)