About Us

Our Mission:  To unite like minded men who desire to live an authentically Catholic life and to help them to become the best version of themselves in Christ.

Our Vision: We believe that our purpose in this world is to know God, to love God and to serve God so that we may be with him for eternity. This fellowship looks to expose the evils that are embedded in our current culture and provide men with the knowledge, tools and resources to defend themselves, their family, faith and church from such evils.  As we unite men, so must men unite their families, become the spiritual leader of their family and guide them on the path to heaven.

Brothers In Christ Catholic Men’s Fellowship was started with a core group of faithful Catholic Men. We desired to form a fellowship which provided an environment in which to share our lives and our faith with each other and to devote our lives to always seeking a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We are also called to share our faith with other men who are living and struggling in a world that is lost. We are men who are or who have struggled with what many men struggle today. Maybe you work 40 or 70 hrs per week and wonder how you can spend time with your family and give time to God. Maybe you want to be closer to Christ and bring your family closer to Christ. Where do you start? The links on this web site are a good place to start. Come to one of our fellowship meetings and see what it means to be men of Christ in today’s world. We submit to you that it is your gift as the strong, proud, Christian man of your family to be the spiritual leader and bring those who you love to Heaven. You are so much more important than you could ever imagine.  You are precious in His eyes. God Bless You.