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Impress God with a Noble Public Confession

by Tom Andel

Most Christians know confession as a uniquely Catholic thing that happens between a penitent and priest under a seal of secrecy. Probably not as many are as familiar with the kind of confession the disciple Timothy tells us about in this Sunday’s second Mass reading (1 Tm 6:11-16): I charge you before God, who gives […]

Power Brokers, Great and Small

by Tom Andel

Did you ever spend what seemed an eternity in an airport or a hotel lobby looking desperately for a power outlet to recharge your laptop or intelligent device before it ran out of juice? In a way, that was Doran Oancia’s goal in looking for a church with an adoration chapel. As we shared with […]

Deliver us from Slavery to Our Own Evil

by Tom Andel

A new book titled “The Outlaw Ocean” tells horror stories about the fishing trade to build its case that man is utterly depraved. Author Ian Urbina states that out on the open sea there is no law to keep our animal nature in check, as there is on dry land. If consumers found out that […]

Wisdom Makes Life a Sentence worth Serving

by Tom Andel

A recent TV documentary reported the tortuous lengths many inmates of the island penitentiary of Alcatraz took to flee this inescapable fortress in the early 20th century. None escaped alive. That’s life. Many of us lifers on earth spend our sentence planning escapes from the prison of their bodies. But like the legendary Birdman of […]