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Mary and the Moslems

In 1952 Bishop Fulton Sheen wrote the book titled “The Worlds First Love. Mary, Mother of God.” Chapter 17 is titled “Mary and the Moslems”. Below you will find an excerpt from that chapter. Please note that in 1952 the word Moslemism is now what we call Islam. So wherever you see this word you […]

The Sanctification of the Moment

  This article is from Life is Worth Living, 1950 by Bishop Sheen [One] remedy for the ills that come to us from thinking about time is what might be called the sanctification of the moment—or the Now. Our Lord laid down the rule for us in these words: “Do not fret, then, over tomorrow; […]

An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men

The following publication is presented here for you. It was originally published at this site. INTO THE BREACH   An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men, my Spiritual Sons in the Diocese of Phoenix   +Thomas J. Olmsted Bishop of Phoenix Download text as PDF “AND I SOUGHT FOR A MAN AMONG THEM WHO SHOULD […]

There is still time…and 4 things

Please take 11 minutes to listen to this homily by Fr. John Riccardo. The image that he had during a reflection is very powerful and one that you can use in your own life. The rest of the homily is awesome but take some time to reflect on the very first part.

Feast of the Holy Family

I recently listened to two outstanding homilies on the Feast of the Holy Family. The first link below is from Fr. John Riccardo and the second is from Fr. Robert Barron. Please take a moment to listen to them by yourself, with your spouse, your family, or a friend. Below are their descriptions respectively. 1.)In […]

Spider Man and the Catholic Church

Here is a great audio clip for anyone but especially for kids and teens. It’s worth the 9 minutes to listen to it.  Marvel comics seems to everywhere I look lately. My kids and I have watched Iron Man, Spider Man, The Avengers, Hulk, Thor, etc. Recently my youngest found an old stash of my […]

A Homily for Lent

This Homily from Fr. John Riccardo is 11 minutes short. Please listen to this sometime at the beginning of Lent as there are some valuable “take away’s” here.

St. Joseph

Think you have an image of St. Joseph in your head? Give this short audio clip a listen and see if it changes your image. On Sunday we listened to a cd by Jason Evert called Detox. This is great listen and an important one for fathers and teenage sons to hear. Email us if you […]

Your Time

Men, It seems that as we get older, whether you are a parent or not, it is our time that becomes one of the most valuable things in our life. Has this ever happened to you?…After a long day at work you arrive home exhausted. As you walk through the door you think of just […]

Fr. Larry Richards, Affirmation in the Family

This is about 4 minutes long. Please take the time to listen to this clip taken from Fr. Larry Richards audio CD titled “The Family” This is such an important concept for every family to be aware of. It is especially important for fathers. Let us know what you think and post a comment.