Palm Sunday: The Slave Enters His Kingdom

Our Savior rode into His kingdom on a donkey, not as a King but as a Slave. But He didn’t hide his true identity which also happened to be His mission–to save our souls by freeing us to be slaves to each other. He was a slave to that mission. Even His enemies saw who he was and were threatened by that mission. Their high rank depended on keeping slaves for themselves, not freeing them. That fear of Jesus started with Herrod, who tried to kill Jesus before he could grow into his role. He failed. And even though Jesus’ enemies finally succeeded in killing his body, they unwittingly helped him accomplish his mission. This slave freed his people with the power of his words. His ragtag disciples passed His Gospel down to succeeding generations, freeing them to be slaves to each other, not to an earthly ruler. Thus we continue Jesus’ mission until his Kingdom comes again.

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