Are You God’s Creation or His Instrument? Be Both.

We’re taught from childhood that bragging is wrong. Yet today’s Psalm is as bold as Muhammad Ali saying how pretty he was. Today we hear how wonderfully made we are.

“For so many marvels I thank you; a wonder am I, and all your works are wonders.”

In the context of today’s readings, with Isaiah saying “He made me into a sharpened arrow and concealed me in his quiver,” and of John the Baptist, still in the womb and people saying “What will this child turn out to be?,’ we are all called to recognize how wonderfully made we are. Therefore we must serve God’s purpose for making us. He programmed us before we were in the womb. What we do in our lives to undo that programming is what constitutes sin.

A colleague of mine committed suicide a few weeks ago. She had a wonderfully made talent for communications. Whatever circumstances in her life drove her away from God’s handiwork is an example of what we all go through every day as we try to accomplish what we were wonderfully made to do. She needed someobody else who was wonderfully made to be true to God’s programming and help her fix what went wrong in her life.

I must use this as a reminder to act as God’s instrument in keeping what’s wonderfully made in my little corner of God’s creation in good repair.

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